POS 355 Week 2 Discussion Questions New Ver

In this pack of POS 355 Week 2 Discussion Questions New Version you will find the next information:

DQ 1: What are some of the many considerations in selecting the correct information system to use for trading futures and stocks?

DQ 2: Is Service Oriented Architecture a new solution to information technology, or is it a new name for the rehash of providing the user with what the user wants? Explain.

DQ 3: Based on the article by Zhu, Ding, Li and Kemp (2009), what components or modules of a standard electronic computer system might be engineered into a bio-chip? What problem in the development of future electronic computer does the developing bio-chip technology address?

DQ 4: Based on the article by Pronk, Pimentel, Roos and Breit (2007), especially Figure 1, what are the general functions of processors, software and networks? What is the classical (von Neumann) architecture of a computer system?