Porter’s Five Forces Model

Research Project This is your chance to gain experience conducting industry research. Student will form teams to undertake an analysis of a selected industry which will consists of two parts: (a) industry analysis, and (b) strategic positioning. The first part will analyze the overall attractiveness of the industry using the five-forces methodological framework. It should clearly identify the nature of rivalry among competitors, and the forces that influence the industry’s overall performance. The second 4 part of the study should focus on the competitive positions of the major players in the industry as well as the basis of their competitive advantage. An up to ten-page double-spaced report will be prepared to showcase your research, not including accompanying charts and bibliography. The report should be a professionally looking document that relies heavily on economic theory to draw its conclusions. A summary of your research paper will be presented in class. A two-page research proposal could be submitted for approval. The proposal will be a first draft of the introduction you will use in your research paper. Notice that you do not have to submit a proposal, but you are strongly encouraged to do so. The earlier you submit your proposal, the more time you will have to devote to your research paper.

my question is Industry Analysis

Study the structure of the industry using Porter’s Five Forces Model. The focus is on explaining how the challenging issues that have been identified influence the attractiveness of the industry. 

Competitive rivalry. …

Threat of new entrants. …

Threat of substitute products or services.