Physical and Health Consequences of Sexual Violence

The Problem of the Increasing Number of People Living in the Streets in Hawaii and the Need to Add More Housing Units for the Homeless

Ever since the increase in the amount of people living on the streets, Hawaii needs to add more housing units for the homeless and needs to prioritize the funding for the services required to assist them in getting off of the streets. According to federal statistics, Hawaii is amongst the nation’s highest per capita for hom…

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Physical and Health Consequences of Sexual Violence

Physical and Health Consequences of Sexual Violence The sexual violence against males cause many bad health consequences on its victims. There are three types of health consequences the male victims suffer: physical, psychological and social consequences (Russell, Hilton, Peel 2009, p.3). Male victims suffer all kinds of…

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Workplace Discrimination of Women

Discrimination of Women in the Workplace: A Step Outside of the Kitchen Women have been second class citizens to men since the beginning of time. The man is traditionally viewed as the leader of the house hold, the person who is expected to work and provide for his family, while women are typically the ones to stay home t…

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The Effect of Gender Differences and Stereotypes

Gender Differences in Society and How They Affect Our Perception of Ideas Remember when we were all adolescents, enjoying our unforgettable times in elementary school, and there was absolutely nothing in the world to worry about? Actually, there was an idea that it was considered weird that we made friends of the opposit…

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Police Brutality in the United States

According to “Harper’s Index”, the police killed 35 people by taser as of August 2015. Police brutality has been a hot topic across the nation this past year; this statistic has caught the attention of many citizens of the United States because of the current inclination to blame police for unnecessary deaths. Although th…

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The Human Credulity at a Young Age

Pop Culture The idea that we would not learn values from children’s stories seems much more far-fetched than not. One has to take a look at basic human credulity, especially at a young age. We have a tendency to want to believe because that is how we learn from our parents/whomever is raising us. When I was growing up we r…

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The Animosity of Talibans Towards America

Taliban’s Animosity An article from a division of Washington Post said,“It has been reported that there were talks between the United States and Taliban days before the 9/11 attacks, but no agreement could be made because of the difference in demands”(Ottoway). In addition, another online news source said that, “the Taliba…

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The Limits of Individualism

Personal Response – Limits of Individualism The limits of individualism continue to be the most significant American argument out of the other twelve in today’s society. Individualism is defined as independence and self-reliance, which is what the Founding Fathers wanted for the United States when it was being created. In…

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The Issue of Abortion

Abortion Affects Women’s Health Women’s reproductive rights has remained a topic of wide debate in America for the past two centuries. However, the start of the women’s liberation movement in the 1960s caused abortion to become an ongoing national issue, mostly between two opposing ideologies: pro-life and pro-choice. Both…

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Why It’s Impossible for Humans to Have an Objective View of the World

  1. It is impossible for humans to have an objective view of the world. Despite trying to use all available sources to gain information, we are unable to know everything about a certain event. Even if we are there in person at this event we still only get one perspective on it which may be radically different than others. S…

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The American Dream Is Alive and Well for Anyone Willing to Work for It

The Reality and Prosperity of the American Dream The American Dream—is it a falsely idealized notion or reality? In order to answer this question, I will first define the American Dream as the concept that every United States citizen has an equal opportunity to be successful through hard work and resilience. Recently, a s…

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An Examination of the Disadvantage of Freedom of Speech in Slack Activism

Freedom of speech in slacktivism constitutes of a society being able
to rally and openly express their frustrations over new media. This form of
activism argues that majority of issues can be handled by use of explicit
and inconsiderable language over social media. This paper examines the
downside of freedom of speech in sl…

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The Need for a Law on Slut Shaming

Slut shaming starts a big conversation about sexism and attitudes about sexuality in social media around the world. In recent year we have heard about slut shaming with celebrities the most. The video of Justin Bieber sleeping was considered slut shaming. Obama care ads that were more towards woman that are insure is slut s…

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Cannabis and the War on Drugs

Can We Cannabis? Cannabis, more often referred to as marijuana, is a preparation of the Cannabis plant, with the main psychoactive part of the plant being tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Ethan Russo notes that THC is but one of 483 known compounds in the plant, including at least 84 other cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol (CBD…

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An Analysis of Sociology Careers

Careers in Sociology Sociology Careers that interest me include careers involving teaching, sales and marketing, psychologist, and criminal justice. I always enjoyed watching social interactions and trying to understand how others learn. This is why I’d choose teaching. As for sales & marketing, I would aim for information…

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The Benefits of Making Children Do Housework

Is it good or bad to make children do housework? I personally think that it is good to make children do some housework as soon as they are capable of doing them. Although childhood should be a period of freedom and joy, I think a little housework won’t harm the child, moreover it’ll prepare child for the upcoming respons…

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The Importance of Women’s Rights in How Long Must We Wait by Alice Paul

“How Long Must We Wait?” by is an article about Alice Paul, a women’s right activist. This article describes her as a young girl from New Jersey who rose to be one of the most prominent women right activist. She did this by repeatedly going to jail for her protest. Although she saw this as a way to point out ho…

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A Comparison of Letter from Birmingham Jail by Martin Luther King and The Ballot or the Bullet by Malcolm X

Comparing and analyzing Martin Luther King Jr’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail and Malcom X’s “The Ballot or the Bullet are two very persuasive speeches just in their different ways. Malcom X gets straight to the point and just comes out and says blacks deserve rights and we will get them by any means. This is a radical app…

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A Comparison of Invisible Connections in Won’t You Be My Neighbor by Peter Lovenheim and The Empathy Deficit by Keith O’Brien

“Invisible Connections” The articles “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” by Peter Lovenheim and “The Empathy Deficit” by Keith O’Brien both focus on the importance of empathy and the lack of close communities nowadays. Today’s society is very self-absorbed and disconnected from the communities they live in. Many people may be afrai…

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Violence and Mental Illness in Mass Shootings and Its Solution

Abstract This paper discusses the rise in mass shootings across the United States, and the common thread between each of them being mental illness. Through various cases, this paper will provide numerous examples where mental illness was shown to be present in the shooters, and how the shooting may have been preventable. M…

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My Family as a Sociological Concept

When most people imagine a family, they picture a nuclear family, i.e. one with a father, a mother, and their biological children. However, the sociological definition of a family is vast and largely open to interpretation, ranging from this stereotypical nuclear family to a group of cohabitating people who are in no way re…

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Gender Socialization in Modern American Society and the Issue of Gender Determined Toys and Clothes

Gender socialization in modern American society is a social construct that applies gender roles and expectations to people starting the day they are born (Soc 1001 Lecture 7). This is commonly done through giving babies pink clothes if they are a girl and blue if they are a boy, or giving female children toys related to the…

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Institutional Obstacles to Homosexual Males in 1935-1945 America

Institutional Obstacles to Homosexual Males in 1935-1945 America The first half of the twentieth century marked the American coming of age as a world power, the federal government ascending to a role never before seen in both domestic spheres and international. The government began to perform a more direct and active role…

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Racism Mexican-American Students Face in School in Walkout by Edward James Olmos

3501 English 1 The Racism Giant In the documentary Walkout, director Edward James Olmos captures the true hardships that Mexican-American students face in 1968 in Los Angeles schools. The school board members, teachers, and law enforcement demonstrate institutional racism in different forms; for example, the student…

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The Case of Wigand Against Tobacco Companies and Smoking

Judge Determining fault is a speculative job. It all depends on the perspective of the person who is judging. What position they are in or have been in will greatly impact how they view who is at fault for a sequence of events. I know personally I believe the company is in the wrong and so is CBS Corporate. I have parents…

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