PHI Week 1 Discussion

Critical Thinking in the Workplace and in your Personal Life”  Please respond to the following:

Watch three short video clips from the series “Critical Thinking for Children” (all three can be found in the Instructor Insights for week 1). The videos are a bit funny, and may seem very simple, but simple is what we want in our class. The videos perfectly explain the gist of what critical thinking is, and what it means to be an un-critical thinker. We can be one or another at different moments of our lives…. 

  • Explain what critical thinking is by concretely referring to the videos (don’t forget to provide references; you may also refer to the Webtext).
  • Discuss a time in either your work or personal life in which you FAILED to apply critical thinking in a situation. What critical thinking skills did you fail to apply? What should you have done differently? What were the consequences of you not being a good critical thinker?