After reviewing the movie “The Story of Us” with Bruce Willis and Michelle PfeffierA) Thoroughly discuss this couple from an Imago perspective.  B)  As an Imago therapist, what would be your goals for this couple?C) What might be your fears when working Read More …


Based on the movie “The Story of Us” a)      Identify the couple’s “Bids for connection” b)      Failed attempts to turn towards each other c)      Inability to accept influence. Answer in 3 paragrpahs


Please view the Movie “Hope Springs” starring Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones. Answer the questions thoroughly for full credit. Please respond to two of your peers. Based on the Differentiation approach (Constructing the Sexual Crucible)…a) Speak about the Couple’s level Read More …

PSY 325 Week 3 DQ2

This pack of PSY 325 Week 3 Discussion Question 2 Repeated Measures comprises: Review Chapter 7 of your course text, which reviews inferential statistics that analyze experiments of repeated measures designs. For this discussion, search the Ashford University Library and Read More …


After reviewing the movie “The Story of Us” with Bruce Willis and Michelle PfeffierA) Thoroughly discuss examples of when the couple missed opportunities to Mirror, Validate and Empathize with each other