Obstacles on the Way of Achieving the American Dream

Obstacles on the Way of Achieving the American Dream

The first concept of the American Dream was made by James Adams in his book The Epic of America in 1931. Living well and fulfilling one’s potential were key components of his definition; however, no clear definition for the American Dream exists. Every US citizen has his/her own idea about his/her perfect future. Dan Rathe…

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Feminism and the Truth Behind Gender Equality in Society

Gender Equality: The true face of feminism Equality, a single word that has so much meaning behind it, yet it has absolutely no meaning in our community. A word that is regarded in the dictionary as the state or quality of being equal, correspondence in quantity, degree, value, ran or ability, yet, what people don’t realiz…

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Gender in North India and the United States

Gender in North India and the U.S. The existence of a concept of gender seems to be universal across cultures, but the ways that different cultures approach gender vary widely. According to Sarah Lamb, “Gender theorists have now come to recognize that what it means to be a woman (and man[)]…takes such distinct shape in spe…

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The Views of Anthropologists on Cultural Relativism

Cultural relativism is a phrase that can be ambiguous; a few different meanings have been attached to it. The more moderate meaning of the phrase, and the main one used in this essay, is that people’s values and practices must be understood in the context of those people’s culture, rather than that of an outside observer’s…

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The Influence of Culture and Family on Marriage

Introduction The main topics that I will be focusing on is marriage and family. I chose them in particular because out of all the topics in anthropology these were the two that interested me the most. I am aware that they are quite complex and broad but that is essentially why they interested me in the first place. I am lo…

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A Case Study on Alcohol Addiction and Its Adverse Effects on an Individual’s Life

Addiction Introduction Spanagel et al. (2013) defined alcohol addiction as the continuous use of alcohol despite its adverse effects on the user. Addiction to alcohol affects the user both behaviorally and psychologically. Research has shown that however much the alcohol users may try to hide the effects by acting as if n…

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The Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana in the Medical Field

Marijuana: between benefits and addiction In the past few years, marijuana has been the talk of many governments. As a matter of fact, multiple countries were stuck between regulating cannabis as a legal drug used for medical purposes and banning it for its destructing effects. Thus, several scientific researches has found…

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Taxes on Prostitution and Its Negative Effects

Taxes on Prostitution Would society have the same morals if taxes were allowed to be applied to prostitution? If prostitution is made legal, countries all around the world would suffer dramatically. Society’s’ values of relationships would become in danger. The people of this world should learn to respect themselves more,…

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The Problem of Gang Violence in Society

Can gang violence be ended with more people with money coming together against them? Gang violence has tainted the streets of the world with their presence. When a gang is instituted into an area, they are more than likely to make their presence known. Gang violence is an issue that is ongoing and has to be addressed before…

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An Analysis of Same-Sex Marriage in the Philippines

Equality in the Eyes of the Law Marriage is simply not for a homosexual couple. In the Philippines, Fonbuena (2015) reported that “up to 70% of the survey respondents said they ‘strongly disagree’ with same-sex marriage being allowed in the predominantly Catholic country.” This means that majority of Filipinos believe that…

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The Benefits and Advantages of a Heterosexual Marriage to a Child

A heterosexual marriage, or a two-parent, mother-father family is for the best interest of a child. Some supporters of same -sex marriage think that all children really just need is love. But according to researches, this is not the case. There are psychological positive effects a mother and father can do to children. At th…

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The Discrimination Faced by Muslims in American Society

Home is Where my Heart Is People are very much judgmental these days specially when it comes to the religion Islam lot of people happen to have a misconception about Muslims that they are terrorists and they spread terrorism. Media plays a very strong role behind this type of misconception about Muslims, or this reasons mo…

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The Ideal Role of the Male Within Families in Beyond the Ideal Worker

Review of Family Roles Article In the article, Beyond the Ideal Worker, it discusses what we have traditionally perceived to be the ideal male role within families. This article challenges that idea of what the truth is versus how we perceive families. The authors state that the idea of the ideal worker no longer exists in…

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The Social Issue of the Invasion of Afghanistan by the United States

The social issue I found was an event that happened sixteen years ago where the United States of America invaded Afghanistan. In that time there was a terrorist group called Al-Qaeda run by a man named Bin Laden who was causing ciaos in the city by killing people and destroying monuments to make people follow Islamic cultur…

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The Issue of Police Brutality Cases in the United States

According to a previous study, there are thousands of reports each year of assault, and ill treatment against many officers that use unnecessary force and violate the human rights of their victims (Klahm, 2010). Police brutality is growing concern nowadays. There are thousands of reports every year of physical attacks by po…

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The Issues in Sociology of Gender and the Position of Muslim Women in Modern United Arabs Emirates (UAE)

Introduction and background One of the most important issues in sociology of gender is the position of women in the Islamic countries. This is an issue that has gained a lot of interest due to the view that Islam has been a patriarchal religion (Charrad, 2011). Under Islam, it is the man responsibility to protect and contr…

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A Case Study on the Three Major Sources of Demographic Data in Zambia

Every country needs basic information on its residents for purposes of planning, development and improvement of the residents’ quality of life. Good planning is based on reliable, up-to-date, accurate, reliable and detailed information on the state of the society in the country. The dissertation endeavours to discuss the th…

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The Social Problem of Child Labor in Chile

Overview Child labor is a permeating challenge in the contemporary world, though not a desperate one. The evidence of child labor is clear when a person makes assurance, societies mobilize and decide that the practice of child labor be no longer tolerable within their jurisdiction. Wide continuation can be created toward t…

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An Introduction to Community Capacity Building

Introduction to Capacity Building The term capacity has various meanings. It can be referred to as the total amount that can be generated or contained. It can also be referred to as the power to do to something or hold. The definition of this term revolves around the term ‘ability’, which is the possession of the skills to…

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The Problems Caused by Chasing the American Dream in Caitlin Flanagan’s Beware the Open-Plan Kitchen

Follow the White Tile Road In Caitlin Flanagan’s article “Beware the Open-Plan Kitchen”, she discusses how HGTV has taken the dreams of the American people and shown them how “easy” they are to reach, without ever addressing the problems that these dreams can cause. Flanagan states that: “Today, House Hunters,…

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The Positive Effects of Immigration on the United States’ Economy

The Economic Benefits of Immigration Over an extended period of time, Americans came to the conclusion that the overall effect of immigration on the United States was beneficial in a variety of ways.  At some point in history, immigrants migrated into the United States in huge masses, causing a population surplus in just…

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The Harmful Impacts of Drinking Alcohol

ESSAY ON DRINKING ALCOHOL Drinking liquor resembles taking a medication. It is a type of medication manhandle, and sedate fixation. This is an overall issue that numerous individuals are associated with. There are great impacts of liquor on the off chance that it is in little sums, and with some restraint. Then a…

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The Scope of Death and Terror in American Schools Today

Death/Terror in the Schools One of the topics of discussion this year is the death and terror that has been present in schools over the last 20 years. Death and terror that has stemmed from the school shootings that has happened in the schools. School shootings such as the shooting at Virginia Tech (2007), Columbine High…

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Women Should Learn to Defend Themselves

Defence “Women must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself.” Susan B. Anthony. I believe that everyone has a right to protection and that Linda M. Hasselstrom had good views on why she carries a gun, it is not an eccentric for a woman to be carrying one wherever she goes. Not because…

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An Overview of Ethnic Nationalism

When looking at history and its events, one can see the amount of horrifying acts done by humans in the name of their ethnicity or religion. Genocide, war, and colonialism are all products of ethnic nationalism and its ideologies. Ethnic nationalism is when a nation is defined by ethnicity. This could also include sharing a…

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