No Plagiarism and copy paste!! Our Dying Oceans: A Cause for Alarm, or an Exaggerated Problem? Your paper will make an arguable claim that is in conversation with one or more of the articles in the readings. Requirements: 7 pages, double spaced 12-point type Word doc, Docx file, or .rft file (If you cannot do this please contact your instructor) First, remember to open the introduction with some kind of “hook” or attention-grabber, one which introduces the paper’s general topic for your readers. This more general opening will allow you to transition more smoothly into the more specific, focused “they say” summary of an argument related to that same general topic. When it comes to summarizing the existing conversation, you HAVE TO refer directly to and incorporate a summary of your chosen “they say” article; you can even use most of your Initial post for Assignment 3 in which you summarize this same article. Naming and summarizing the key points from the “they say” text in the Introduction is how you construct the existing conversation you’re entering, and therefore makes it easier to move into your own “I Say” contribution. Remember too to not assume that those reading your paper will not have read the they say article themselves, so it’s up to you to offer a bit more summary of it for us. This leads me nicely to the other area which needs some revisions, that it is unclear what unique contribution you’ll be making to the conversation. You should not provide an overview of all the various issues, but rather focus on one in particular and ensure your argument “adds something new” to the conversation. For example, the Weiss article is all about the problems of plastics in the ocean but he doesn’t discuss what can/should be done about it. That could be the focus of your essay, as it adds something new to the conversation. Using a relevant thesis pattern from Chapter 4 of the Week One Readings, like the “Total Disagreement” pattern, can help you express how your unique contribution adds to the existing conversation clearly and concisely. Several discussions have been forwarded by the scholars regarding the state of our oceans. While others rises a cause for an alarm some basically see it as nothing serious to worry about. Depending on one perspective, one may tend to take either side and defend his or her position given in the articles explored. The state of our oceans cannot be ignored, yes, it is is true they’re not the same as they were 50 or 100 years ago and there must have been something that has affected them to the way they are today. The question is is their dying state need to cause an alarm to human being or it is just a wave of change that we need to worry about. Will the ocean affect us negatively or positively, this remains to be the most significant question need answering owing to the ideologies put forward by different scholars on this issue. For this assignment, I am going to explore the ideas presented in the various article and perform a detailed work that answers the questions asked.