New Product Development

New Product Development

New Product Development This topic enhanced my understanding on new product and why companies
undertake new product development (NPD). Some of the concepts learned
include, forms of product newness, approaches to NPD. The stages of new
product development and reasons as to why new products fail in the…

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The Negative Aspect of princess Yachts Plymouth Company

Negative Aspect: Plymouth Company Attention should not only be at the negative perspective when it comes to the value of stakeholders of a given organization. There are those who hold their values high and act as expected and these people are seen to play a big value promoting the values of the company and extensively help…

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Marketing Mix – What I Have Learnt

Marketing Mix If I was to rank my best topic on this module, marketing mix would rank
first. This topic was highly engaging and enhanced my understanding on the
core meaning of marketing and an exploration into the key concepts of the
marketing mix. Marketing was redefined as management process responsible

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A Brief Overview of Marketing Mix

Introduction to Marketing Management
This topic introduces marketing management as subject of its own. It is
defined as the process of planning and executing a concept, pricing,
promotion and place to satisfy a target group of customers and meet
organization objectives(Sheehan, 2011). During marketing, there are three

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The Goals and Characteristics of Experimental Marketing

Experiential Marketing (EM)
In the contemporary world, customer’s attitude to new product in the market
is always changing, with most of these customers preferring to have a first-
hand experience of the product, in contrast to the traditional marketing
where a “good” advert would get the job done(Dong…

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Ethics Effect on princess Yachts Plymouth Company

Ethics effect on Princess Yachts Plymouth Company Among the most common factors affecting Princess Yachts Plymouth Company, is ethical or ethics-related factors which cut across the internal organization and also the external set up that directly or indirectly deals with this company in one way or another (Kim et al, 2012)…

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Princess Yachts Plymouth Company: Environmental Concern Practices

Environmental Concern Practises Conserving the environment Due to the concerns about polluting the environment, the manufacture of these yachts or motor boats has been moved to higher standard where there is minimal wastage in the whole process. this is by ensuring the company doesn’t specialise on one product only but pr…

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Solutions for Organizations Which Have Embarked on CSR

Organisations which have embarked on CSR should be supported by the government in both financial and other logistics. Awareness should be created to individuals which in this sense is meant to curb occurrence of unwanted behaviours or unethical code of conduct. The tasks carried out by the companies that support the communi…

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The Role of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate social responsibility, commonly referred to as CSR basically entails the art and best practices carried out by organisations voluntarily for the benefit of the surrounding community. It is purely meant to extend the act of goodness and uplift the life or rather the livelihood of t…

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The Connection Between Lifestyle, Consumption, Branding and Fashion

CONSUMPTION AND LIFESTYLE Different people prefer different kind of products depending on some aspects taste and preference among them. More so, the purchasing power of an individual influences the choice of a product as well. Diversity in choice brand and fashion is experienced especially basing on some social and cultura…

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Outsourcing Jobs: Exploitation of Workers

Companies Outsourcing Therefore, outsourcing may boost the economy of developing countries, but it may harm the local workers. For example, Nike is a sport wear company which makes billions of profit out of its many sales all over the world. The company factories are based in Vietnam. Foreign workers in these companies are…

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Princess Yachts Plymouth Company: Environmental Concerns

Abiding with the Law. This also is meant to minimise interference from the government and relevant authorities which may be concerned if the company is involved directly or indirectly in pollution (Holten, 2002). After all, if there will be devastating pollution effect, the company will also be affected. Princess Yachts Pl…

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Oil Relations Between the United States and Saudi Arabia

U.S.-Saudi Oil Relations Since oil’s first discovery, oil has been one of the most influential sources of energy in world history. Every developed country has an undeniable dependence on oil, and foreign interdependency is at an all-time high. The U.S. specifically consumes the most oil in the world as a country. But where…

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A Discussion on the Influence of Chinese Exports in America

Influence of Exports Have you ever wondered where the toys you play with or the blankets
you go to sleep in come from? China, one of the most dominant economic
forces in the world, supplies the U.S. with many of its goods and services
that we as citizens use on a daily basis. America is in fact the leading
receiver of…

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A Discussion on the Benefits of the Insurance Companies Offering Bonus Checks to Safe Drivers

Incentives on Insurance On average, a person gets into three accidents in his lifetime
(Boston Attorneys, 2008). How could this number be reduced? There are many
factors that play major roles in why people get into accidents. From cell
phones to alcohol consumption, the majority of drivers are distracted
before an ac…

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A Discussion on the Impact of Emirate Airline in the United Arab Emirate

Emirate airline is a Dubai-based in the United Arab Emirate. United
emirate is a federation of nine countries located in the Southeast end of
Arab peninsula on the Persian Gulf. With its Capital in the East, it
borders Oman and Saudi Arabia to the south. It also shares sea borders with
Qatar and Iran. With its Capital in Ab…

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A Discussion on the Risk Mitigation Strategy in the Example of Sony Group Business

Risk mitigation is a strategy company takes to reduce adversities that
affect the performance. The risks are so dynamic and therefore the company
should prepare a mitigation plan that conforms to the company profile and
the business. For example, stock exchange market is prone to the risk of
liquidation and therefore, in co…

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Homelessness and Other Issues Caused by the Mergers and Advancement of Companies in the United States

During these flourishing times in the 90’s, American companies heavily invest in steel and oil. These companies started to merge. Steel and oil mergers like those, around the late 90’s, created the great oil and steel corporations we have today. By 1997, a record number of mergers involving American companies took place…

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A History of the Change of Creation of Industrial Products

If we go back to our traditions in the past, it will be disastrous. We need to move forward with change but we need it to be for good and not for the ill of society. Sometimes the change is beyond what we can control. At that point we can only hope that our actions towards change will guide us in a better direction. We…

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The Interviews to Assess My Film on Consumer Behavior

So far I have completed 2 interviews in Chicago for my film. The first was with a trader, James Ramelli, at the Chicago Board of Options Exchange who specializes in retail economics. We spoke for roughly 35 minutes discussing current trends in consumer shopping patterns. The second interview was with a marketing professo…

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An Examination of the Boxed Water Sold at the Lollapalooza in Chicago

Last summer I attended Lollapalooza, a three day music festival in Chicago. The annual festival, located downtown in Grant Park, can have temperatures reaching one hundred degrees. It is important to keep hydrated and stay out of the sun over the three days. In past years, thousands of plastic water bottles were sold to…

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An Examination of the Structure of the Press Releases of Cinnabon and the Construction of Its Patriotic Brand Identity, New Leadership, and Globalization

Cinnabon’s press releases are designed to reinforce their brand’s identity while connecting with consumers. The corporation has created clever ways to address controversial issues to avoid using crisis communication like other fast food companies in their industry. Each of their releases includes an “About Cinnabon, Inc.”…

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Two Weeks of Progress on My Project Through Interviews in Orlando, Chicago, and on Skpye

I have made a lot of progress on my project over the past two weeks. I have completed five in-depth interviews in Orlando, Chicago, and on Skype. In Chicago I interviewed Dr. Calder of The Kellogg School of Management (25 min). He specializes in consumer behavior and marketing. He provided a lot of great insights about…

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An Examination of the Dramatic Changes in Shopping Behavior of Consumers in America

2014 marked an historic shift in the way we shop. Prior to this year, we raided malls on Black Friday to find bargain deals and supported local small businesses. This year was the first year where Cyber Monday sales spiked by 50%. This shocking increase in consumption habits has alarmed marketers, consumers, and brands. Ame…

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The Evolution of Advertising Through the Use of Mobile Platforms

Advertising on mobile platforms have helped marketing agencies reach their respective demographics with greater frequency, accuracy, and effectiveness. However, the technological abilities of mobile advertisers and personalized advertisement placement cause consumer privacy invasion problems. In order to use certain mobil…

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