Need this in 2hrs…Just 6 lines response for each

Just 6 lines response for each (12 font, double space).

1.               What is creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship?

2.               What is the role of innovative culture in boosting national economy?

3.               What processes are required in establishing a company in Abu Dhabi?

4.               What kind of resources are needed to start a business?

5.               What kind of entrepreneurial profiles do you know ?

6.               Write different strengths and weaknesses of entrepreneurs?

7.               What are the incentives/motives/ethical challenges in starting a business?

8.               What is Market research ? How you can identify target market customer, Market size and trends, SWOT analysis and estimated market share

9.               What are the competitive factors that entrepreneurs can change the world? 

10.           What is the strategy of your business?

11.           How you can use Blue ocean strategy/ Porter’s five forces analysis in your business?

12.           What is the role of market leader, challenger, follower, or niche in the market?

13.           Write how the company can protect its products or processes?

14.           How does patenting work in practice?

15.           How does the utility model differ from the patent?

16.           What is Business Model? Describe the value proposition of your own project.

17.           Write about financial markets from company point of view

18.           Who are business angles and venture capitalist (VC)

19.           What kind of financing risks you will face in your project

20.           Calculate current values of the investment of your own project as well as profit for the next 5 years