1- America’s constitution was revolutionary in its day.  Many countries have tried the same mix of federalism and separation of powers, but with mixed results.  Why has the American experiment succeeded so far?  What is the greatest challenge to the continuing health of the Republic?  How can America meet that challenge within the framework of the constitution.  Note that there are three parts to this question.  Please respond to this question in a one page, well-crafted essay.

2-Many of the largest issues in Arizona revolve around federalism. Immigration enforcement, medical marijuana, water rights, congressional redistricting, tribal gambling, air quality, energy production, mining regulations, and AHCCS funding and policies are all issues that require action on both the federal and state level. Discuss how the boundaries between state and federal powers are determined and whether or not you see those boundaries shifting.  Be sure to make reference to concepts from the course in your answer in a one page, well-crafted essay.

3-In a developed paragraph, provide an current example of how civic engagement is bringing about change to American society.

4-The 2016 presidential election was unique in many ways, upending normal election patterns and expectations. In a well-developed paragraph, name two aspects of the election that illustrated or went against the theories presented in the course.  Remember this is an exam, so use concepts from the course in your answer, don’t just summarize events.

5-In a one to two page essay, discuss an important policy issue being debated today, focusing on how differing groups are using the pathways of change described in the text to compete for their preferred outcome with that issue.