music research

WIENIAWSKI: Fantaisie brillante on themes from Faust 

What is known about this piece? Why was it written? What is the genre of this piece? Does it fit the

expectations for its genre (e.g. number and kind of movements, length etc.)? If you dare, you may also

write about things such as timbre, texture, form, melody, and harmony. This can be difficult with large

pieces because they often feature multiple timbres, textures, and keys. You may also write about the

musical characteristics of the era (and how your piece reflects or rejects them), the historical context

(what was happening in the world – is the work influenced by these things?), or any other technical or

critical aspects that you can think of or to which your research leads you.

Use at least three sources for your research. At least two of these must be a scholarly source.