Module 3 Journal

Please write about some aspect of the reading in Books 11–17 of The Odyssey that impacted you, such as a particular character, situation, scene,image, line, pattern, irony, or contradiction.

*Make sure to include an example of one of Homer’s (1) similes and an example of one of his (2) epithets.

(1) A “simile” compares things that are unlike and uses the words “like,” “as,” “than,” “similar to,” “resembles,” or “seems.”      E.g., Odysseus describes his mother’s spirit in Hades when he tries to hold her as “sifting away / like a shadow,                dissolving like a dream . . .” (11.236-37).

(2) An “epithet” is an adjective or descriptive phrase expressing a quality characteristic of the person or thing mentioned.        E.g, “Circe, the awesome nymph with lovely braids . . .” (11.7).

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