MIS 205 homework 2

Sales Analysis Executive Summary Overview

The Executive Leadership Team at Online Management Training Inc. (OMT) has asked you to produce an Executive Summary report that analyzes the data from one day of OMT’s sales transactions.


To analyze the data, download the following data file and then create an Excel PivotTable to help you answer 4 key questions about OMT’s sales transactions.  

Download this file: Chapter 12 – Online Management Training Inc Data File

Part I of your Executive Summary should include answers to the following 4 questions. Please upload your Excel workbook along with your Word document to support your answers.

  1. Where are the average purchases higher?
  2. What form of payment is the most common?
  3. Are there any times of day when purchases are most common?
  4. What’s the relationship between regions, type of product purchased and average sales price?

Part II of your Executive Summary is your data analysis, describing the following:

  • Where should managers focus marketing and sales resources?
  • Should they pitch different messages to different regions?
  • Where should emphasis in advertising be?
  • What is the most preferred means of payment? 
  • Do people buy products while at work (likely during the day) or at home (likely during the evening)?

Part III of your Executive Summary should be your conclusion and recommendations. 


  • The Executive Summary should be approximately 2-3 pages and address all 3 sections. 
  • Your Conclusion/Recommendatiosn section must have a minimum of 2 high quality references, preferably from the eLibrary.
  • APA formatting of in-text citations and references are required.
  • This is an Executive Summary, so you do NOT need to format your document using the APA document format.   

Your paper will be run through TurnItIn to ensure there is no plagiarism and there are accurate citations. Papers with more than 20% similarity index will not be accepted. You may return to your paper, correct any errors uncovered by TurnItIn, and resubmit up until the deadline for submission.