Medical Marijuana

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Your assignment is to write a report that summarizes the author’s viewpoint and identifies the KEY points that are presented to support his/her conclusion. Then evaluate the essay, indicating whether good points are made, whether the point of view is valid, and whether it is worthy of consideration. You may use the following special format to present your work

FORMAT–1.  Name of Essay

2.  Author of Essay, author’s credentials, ( recall instructions above about authors and credentials) and date of publication of the essay.(Try to choose current essays, written during the last 5 years.)3.  Describe the author’s position and/or conclusion(s).4.  Find and describe the 3-4 key points that the author makes to support his/her position/conclusion(s). Also, identify any assumptions made by the author in drawing his/her conclusion.5.  Finally, provide your evaluation (covering points suggested above) and your evaluation as to the contribution of this essay to decision-making.


Write a 500-word personal conclusion based on your research. Determine where you stand on the issue, and discuss the key points taken from each essay that support your conclusion. Also include a discussion of  our ethical responsibilities with respect to medical marijuana. 

Include a discussion that describes how a follower of Kant’s categorical imperative would make a decision as to whether to vote for a law authorizing use in the state of Texas.  And then provide a discussion of how a follower of utilitarianism would make a decision as to whether to vote for a law authorizing use in the state of Texas.

Last, be sure that you discuss how you would describe to someone the ethical responsibility of a person in making a decision to recommend or argue against use of this product.