For this project, you will write a claim letter.

Claim letters should be one-page in length and single-spaced. Letter should also be written in Times New Roman 12 point font in first person pronoun.


The purpose of this assignment is to know how to write a clear, concise, and coherent business letter in a formal tone with professional style. This assignment will also assist in learning how to write a direct letter in a brief manner. Word choice and quality comes into play when writing a business letter because you will need to learn to select the best words and ideas to quickly get your point across.

Instructions – Claim Letter:

For the claim letter, you will explain a problem with a product and describe the remedy being sought.

In your letter, you will explain a problem with a product, describe how the problem was an inconvenience to you, state what action the company should take to resolve the problem, thank the company for the anticipated response, and provide your contact information.

Your letter should be formatted as a business letter without company letterhead, and again, it should be no longer than one-page in length.