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Letter for this paper is “K” PAGE 82 and 96

Briefly introduce yourself to your instructor and classmates. Since this course is the second half of the Algebra material covered in MAT221, a brief review of its last topic is also included in the introductory post. Factoring is the key to everything we do in Week One of MAT222, so it is important that your factoring skills are sharp and ready to go! Please find the two problems assigned to you in the table below. 

If the third letter of your last name is

On pages 345-6, complete the following problems

A or N

70 and 62

B or O

90 and 56

C or P

74 and 60

D or Q

88 and 58

E or R

78 and 52

F or S

86 and 76

G or T

80 and 106

H or U

72 and 104

I or V

98 and 102

J or W

68 and 100

K or X***

82 and 96

L or Y

66 and 54

M or Z

92 and 64

Factor the polynomials using whatever strategy seems appropriate. Referring back to the processes covered in Chapter 5 of Elementary and Intermediate Algebra, 

•Recommended Resources


Dugopolski, M. (2012). Elementary and intermediate algebra (4th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Publishing.

•This text is available as an eBook in your online classroom and through the ALEKS Math Lab.  Note: Students must complete the initial ALEKS assessment to access the text via ALEKS software.

McGraw-Hill. (2011). ALEKS math lab. Accessible through the applicable Lab and Homework links listed under each Week.
**Required resources can be found in the course and in the ALEKS system itself. You do not need to purchase course materials through the bookstore.**


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