MATH 156 Final Exam

This file of MATH 156 Final Exam shows the solutions to the following problems:

1) State the converse of the following:2) Martians are green. Frogs are green. Therefore frogs are Martians.3) 25, 175, 1225, 8575, 60,025, . . .4) 100; Mayan5) A rectangle 15 units high and 11 units wide6) Decide whether or not the set is closed under addition. { 8}7) Estimate by rounding to the leftmost digit.8) Perform the calculation mentally. 25 ? 25 ? 89) Find all the factors of the number. 5610) If a natural number is divisible by 7, then it must also be divisible by 21.11) The city bridge has 9 lanes, all carrying equal numbers of cars. If 414 cars drive across the bridge, how many cars cross in each lane?12) Use each number 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13 once.13) Find the mixed number or rational fraction in lowest terms represented by the repeating decimal. 0.6969696 . . .14) Find the amount of money in an account after 7 years if $3600 is deposited at 8% annual interest compounded annually.15) A man earned $3000 the first year he worked. If he received a raise of $400 at the end of each year, what was his salary during the 15th year?16) Write or illustrate the number in the indicated form. 7 5 8 9, using expanded notation with exponents17) Evaluate on a calculator. ( 475 + 7377) – ( 14 + 6)18) Determine whether the number is abundant or deficient. 15019) Perform the computation. -3 + ( -20)20) Write the decimal as a fraction in lowest terms. 4.0721) Solve the problem. The trim for a costume costs $38.25 for 4.5 yd. Find the unit price in dollars per yard.22) A rose garden has 16 bushes in one row, 13 bushes in the next row, then 10, and so on. If there are 51 bushes in the garden, in how many rows are they planted?23) Identify the following.24) An electrician needs 766 feet of 12-gauge wire to do a wiring job. He has 140 feet of 12-gauge wire in stock. How much more wire does he need?25) Determine whether the number is abundant or deficient. 34

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