Market research report for Israel -EXCELLENT ENGLISH A MUST

For this assignment, create a market research report. Research your chosen developing country, compare and contrast the business, political, and cultural climates across developing and developed countries, and assess the potential for new business in your developing country. As you research and compile background information on your company, also research relevant current events, and include this information in your analysis as appropriate.

In your report:

  • Explain why your selected country qualifies as developing.
  • Analyze at least five of these pertinent topics for entry into a new market:
    • Geography.
    • Economy.
    • Infrastructure.
    • Culture.
    • Political, legal, and regulatory considerations.
    • Trade statistics.
    • Channels of distribution.
    • Media availability.
  • Assess potential opportunities and obstacles for your company in the chosen country.

Organize your information so that the most significant aspects are within your report, and other interesting (but less important) pieces of information are listed in an appendix. An appendix is not required, but you may use it to provide data tables or other information beyond the body of your report. Incorporate library or course readings to support your evaluation. If you use Web sites, make sure they are from reliable and scholarly or professional sources. Use APA style and formatting guidelines to cite your sources accordingly.

Your report should be 6–8 pages in length.