Look at workplace diversity and the global business environment. (site 2 outside sources)

Due: 11:59 pm (EST), Sunday, end of Unit 2

This week you will select an organization that you are (or were) actively involved in and address the following:

Length and format: 800 words.


In this week’s materials we

Write your paper to answer the following questions, and cite at least 2 outside sources:

1. Why is diversity in the workplace important to employees?

2. How can you, as an employee, help promote diversity?

3. Select a large, major US city. Is the city rich in diversity? How so? Does this richness or lack thereof, play a part in the city’s successes… failures?

4. Now make the assimilation to the global environment. If you wear anything Nike, shop at Stop & Shop, listen to anything associated with Sony Music, you’re a global shopper. Go to Singapore and walk Orchard Road. Stop in Borders Books and have a cup of Starbucks coffee. You’re a global shopper. Does diversity affect the global markets, or do the markets affect diversity? How, and why?