logistics and operations management

Word Limit: 2,000 words (Plus or minus 10%) Learning outcomes assessed: 1. Critically evaluate methods of planning and organising efficient operations and networking. 2. Analyse the problems of controlling component activities and of controlling quality. 3. Critically discuss methods of project evaluation and of scheduling resources

Assignment Questions As an Operations Manager for an international organisation of your choice, you are tasked with evaluating the main organisations functions and to make justified recommendations on the best suited method for placing the organisation in the best possible location. You are also tasked with analysing the various critical decisions that might affect your organisation location plan.

Assignment Task 1. Introduce your chosen organisation and industry, use the organisation’s portfolio to justify whether the organisation is in the manufacturing industry or in the services industry.

2. Provide a critical reflection and insight on your chosen organisation’s effectiveness on how its main functions align with its performance objectives. (L.O. 2)

3. Apply appropriately, the various location methods your chosen organisation can deploy, and justify the best method to achieve this. You are to keep in mind the decision that might affect the location process. (L.O. 1)

4. Draw conclusions and provide recommendations with valid justifications

 State the main topic for the report, use the assignment information to develop your introduction.  First task; introduce your company and what their portfolio contains. This task should also contain what industry the organisation is in.  Second task Align your organisations main function to their performance objectives  Task three; here you are to provide details of the location methods plus the decisions that might affect the locations.  Provide conclusions and recommendations