Logisim Circuit Homework

Problem A)

1:  Implement an 8-bit parallel load register (refer to section 4.2 – specifically Figure 4.1).

2: Implement an 8-bit multifunction register seen in Figure 4.19 (refer to section 4.2 of the textbook for a description).

3: Implement an 8-bit carry ripple adder (refer the documents in Week 5 that shows you how to implement a full adder and a carry-ripple adder to see how this is done. Also refer to section 4.3 of the textbook).

4: Implement an 8-bit shift register (refer to Figure 4.61 in Section 4.8 of your textbook).

5: Implement a 16-bit ALU that performs addition and logical shifting. 

Note: These need to be designed in logisim (application)

https://sourceforge.net/projects/circuit/ (download link)