Liberty GOVT 480 Midterm

  1. Describe the process of urban terrorism according to Carlos Marighella. Describe the model for urban terrorism championed by Frantz Fanon. How does Franz Fanon and “Che” Guevara’s model compare to Marighella’s model?
  2. Is it possible to declare a war on terrorism? Provide an argument that accepts the war on terrorism and an argument that does not accept the war on terrorism.
  3. List and describe the four force multipliers. How do terrorists use force multipliers? Give examples.
  4. Describe at least three different types of terrorist group organizations. Which organizational structure do you believe is most effective in controlling and maintaining terrorist organizations? Why?
  5. What are the four types of chemical agents? What does each agent do? What are the practical problems that chemical weapons present for terrorists? What are the four types of biological agents? What does each agent do? What are the practical problems that biological weapons present for terrorists?
  6. Compare and contrast street criminals and terrorists. Why are these distinctions important to law enforcement officials?
  7. Compare and contrast Clausewitz and Sun Tzu’s views on war. Apply their philosophies to terrorism.
  8. What do you believe is the role of the media in the “War on Terror”? Do you believe that the media should provide U.S. citizens with more or less information regarding terrorist organizations and operations? Why? Compare and contrast the arguments that favor media censorship with the arguments that oppose media censorship. Which argument do you agree with and why. Why?