Leadership Assignments Journal 5

5 pages APA format

What do you find personally satisfying or dissatisfying at work or school? For those things you find dissatisfying, how could you make them more satisfying? What theory of job satisfaction best explains your actions (Hughes et al., ch. 9)?A:From Chapter 10 of Hughes et al.: On the basis of what you know about global cultures, would people from the U.S., Japan, or Chile be more comfortable with a group- or team-based approach to work?A:From the readings in Hughes et al., one major issue that this module/week is focused on is the specific skills that leaders possess. You may have had a strong opinion about leadership skills, or you may have changed your mind by reading the textbooks. Describe the 5 most important skills a Christian leader should possess and substantiate your response.A:Have you created a safe environment for those under your leadership? How can you foster trust among people you lead? In what ways can you bring people together so that they can see areas of commonality (Kouzes & Posner, ch. 6)?A: