leadership and management

APA format, you have till tomorrow 

Leadership and management

1.     Assessment 1 – Essay

This essay will focus on the analysis of key aspects of leadership and management theory and practice within the early childhood education field.

Drawing on these contemporary theories and practices, students should describe the characteristics of effective leadership and management in relation to early childhood programs and organisations in Victoria.

Students should then choose an education context (childcare, kindergarten, outside school hour care, family day care or the early years of school) and, based on contemporary theory and practice in relation to leadership and management, provide an analysis of specific strategies for developing, implementing and maintaining effective organisational practices relevant to the setting of their choice.

The essay should also demonstrate the student’s understanding of change management theory and practice including the importance of working effectively and cooperatively with families, staff and community in the development, implementation and evaluation of change.

Length: 1700 words

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