Last Response Needed for Unit 4

Health care organizations are finding more and more digital formats to use as communication tools. Although the traditional options of communications such as billboards, radio, newspaper etc. are still widely used, the digital age has advanced technologies that can enhance advertising campaigns. Digital communications also have the advantages of reaching more people and almost instant contact, which is a huge benefit to the organization.

            To better inform people regarding the health care organization and its available health care services, the organization can hold job fairs to attract potential employees. The organization can also run ads and promotions on the internet. Grand openings of new locations can generate patronage. Blogs and web casts of surgeries or procedures as they are being performed in real time can also be exciting, interesting, and draw attention to the organization (Backman, Dolack, Dunyak, Lutz, Tegen, Warner, & Wieland 2017).


Backman, C., Dolack, S., Dunyak, D., Lutz, L, Tegen, A., Warner, D., & Wieland, L. (2017). Social media + healthcare. Retrieved from