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Week 3 Discussion


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“Sequencing Strategy” Please respond to ONE (1)  of the following:

  1. Using the three (3) Posner and Strike Sequencing Schemes (Chapter 6), create a sequencing scheme for beginners based on the objectives you developed for the e-Activity in Week 2. Be sure to include the related objective, type of sequence scheme, phenomenon, and example prescription or principle. Provide a rationale to support the type of sequencing scheme selected.
  2. The sequence of instruction varies when you are training beginners versus experts or administrators. Using the sequencing strategy developed in the first part of this discussion, propose how you would revise the sequencing strategy for experts. Provide a rationale for the recommended change.

“Instructional Strategies” Please respond to ONE (1) of the following”

  1. Based on the sequencing strategy created for your project in Discussion 1, create two (2) generative strategies. Specify the generative category used and explain the rationale for your selection.
  2. Imagine that a large local school district has just hired you to design instruction for its technology teachers. Determine a concept, rule, procedure, or attitude that managers will learn from your training. Create a brief (one [1] paragraph) strategy and indicate how learners will demonstrate what they have learned.