Jazz Performance Rebort- Music Rebort

Jazz Performance ReportStudents will attend a live Jazz performance and write about the experience.Format:3 pages (minimum), double spacedFont:  Times, 12-pt.1 inch margins

(location) -> University of Dayton, Sears Recital Hall 

 (name of performing group)->  UD Facility Jazztet 

(duration)-> 50 minutes 

Content of Report:1.  Introductory paragraph describing the program in general2. Observations about the music (e.g., style, textures, musical materials)3. Observations about the performance (e.g., technical mastery, musicality)4. Observations about the performer (e.g., skills, demeanor)5. Make lots of references to what you have learned in class 6. Any additional observations that you consider important7. Concluding paragraph, summarizing your observations

This is a music rebort assigment, You don’t have to attend to preformance to write about it! I will list the songs and team members and you can approximate comments on songs and insrumints based on that. 

UD Facility Jazztet team members;

Willie L. Morris, III, saxophone, director Brent Gallaher, saxophone Bill Dixon, trumpet Phillip Burkhead, piano Eddie Brookshire, bass James Leslie, drums


E.T.A -> Robert Watson

Boa-> Elmo Hope

Little Man-> Charles Fambrough

Enigma-> J.J.Johnson

North of the Border-> Renee Rosnes

I Found You-> Steve Davis


-you can describe the place ( a small theater holds around 200 people, around 40 people did attend the event)

– you can describe how it feels to attend a real jazz performance for the first time

–  pretend that you have been learning about Jazz for 3 monthes then you exprince it in real life- how would that feel? (try to link and apply general Jazz knowledge to a Jazz concert that you attended for the first time)