Java android app developing.

This is Java app developing class

There is a final project this semester instead of your final exam. The goals of this activity are to help you develop the confidence, skills, and habits necessary to write real phone app. The project is individual project which means every student needs to design and complete one app. Your app should strive to be interesting, novel, and unique. As the number of available apps in the Google Play Store surpassed 1 million apps in July 2013 and was most recently placed at 2.6 million apps in December 2016, this may seem like a daunting task, especially if someone has already implemented your idea. However, if there already exists an app that implements your idea, think about how you can differentiate your app to make it stand out. Or, think about how you can do something better and go with it.

i attached my app description which how i want my app to be.

is really simple, so please help out with it!!!