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The Vice President of Sales for your company has asked you for more information on cloud-based office productivity suites. He tells you that the Sales team is often remote and needs to be able to stay connected to the office. They need to be able to view price sheets, prepare memos and sales agreements, make presentations to clients, have access to their email and schedule, and attend meetings remotely. He asks you to present your productivity suite recommendation at next week’s team meeting.

Create a 6- to 10-slide presentation about a cloud-based office productivity suite, identifying how each of the above needs can be met and the collaborative benefits provided by the suite.

Create a matrix comparing five features of office productivity software.

Using these five features, compare two office productivity suites.

Include a brief reflection on how the two programs you compared meet or fail to meet your expectations.

Due in 5 hours 45 minuets must have speaker notes

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