It is important that leaders and team members both understand their own skills and capacity for learning and growth. In this assignment, you will complete three self assessments and analyze the resulting findings as they relate to team building. The links below will take you to these assessments. Assessment Links: Mind Tools Ltd. (n.d.). How good are your management skills? Retrieved from Mind Tools Ltd. (n.d.). How good are your people skills? Retrieved from Mind Tools Ltd. (n.d.). How motivated are you to lead? Retrieved from Tasks: By the due date assigned, complete the three assessments and write a 2–3 page reflection paper on the results. Include the following in your paper: A brief summary analysis of the findings from the three assessments, providing a clear interpretation. Discuss the value of this information in terms of your professional development and application. Assess the results and identify/discuss the implications of the findings in terms of you being a team leader and a team member. Conclude by identifying the 2 most important things you learned from this course and indicate how the information will be relevant to you professionally. Follow current APA guidelines for attributing sources and formatting.