IT Business Services Consultants now needs to identify the hardware, software, and network requirements to support Mary’s MediBracelets online shopping business.

Write a 3 to 5-page report, including the following:  

·         Describe how you would select appropriate hardware and software to develop her internal business infrastructure   

·         Describe possible networks that might be used to support her business needs  

·         Explain at least two possible approaches to managing her data for easy access and security

·         Create a network diagram showing possible internal connections as well as those between her site and her potential customers

Resource: Search the Internet using the phrase “small office local area network” for network diagram examples.

Include introduction and conclusion

The outcome of this effort should provide a list of computer related items to run a small business with enough detail (brand, model, version, size, quantity, etc) for Mary to purchase. Mary also needs to know why these items are necessary, what criteria was used to select these items so in the future she can use this information to expand her small business.

Do not discuss any basic concept like how hardware, operating system, router, encryption, LAN, WLAN, WAN, VPN, etc work unless there is something special or specific about them pertaining to Mary’s business.  No text book/wikipedia definitions!