Is the Electoral College still viable?

Is the Electoral College still viable?  Is this the best way to elect the President and Vice-President of the United States?  If so, why?

If you think not, can you suggest a different system?  Support your ideas and suggestions with data from cited sources.

Discussion Questions are designed to give you an opportunity to demonstrate your critical thinking and analytical skills.  There is no one correct response to any of these questions.  But, there are many incorrect responses.  I am NOT looking for your opinion.  Make your case, or argument, or whatever the DQ calls for, in a logical and scholarly way.  Develop critical analysis rather than descriptions.  I want you to support your statements with text book references and outside sourceswhen applicable.

After you compose and submit your response you will have access to other students’ responses.  Read three or four of them.  Then compose comments to one of those students that relate to their response.  “I agree with you.” will not earn points.  Make your comments substantial and meaningful.