Is cyber-bullying really a thing?

Much is written about how the internet has made many crimes possible. For the most part this is hype and false. There are not many “new crimes” at all, and most of these are old crimes that have been “cyberized”, that is given a certain efficiency either by scale or the possible (perceived or real) anonymity provided by the electronic medium.

Is cyber-bullying really a thing? I mean couldn’t I just not pay any attention to it? Provide support for you position.

Is predation of children really an internet thing? And is it really different in quality from the old fashion predation of children?  How do we know?  What do the reliable sources of data indicate? Be forewarned that most of the information you find about this topic online is hype, so proceed with skepticism before posting about the epidemic of exploitation of American children.

What would you say to those who contend that if you would just be a parent, know what your kids are up to, and teach them to know when someone is OK, whether the predator is in real life or electronic, things would be OK.