Is Corporal Punishment in Schools in the United States Really Necessary?

Is Corporal Punishment in Schools in the United States Really Necessary?

The presence of bad behavior among school students is a phenomenon
that needs not be tolerated. There are many ways of discourage such vice
but the most common method is corporal punishment (Almond, 2008). Corporal
punishment is an official means of punishing indiscipline and other school
mistakes through ways s…

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The Many Reasons Why Mentally Disabled People Should Not Be Integrated in Our Society Shown in the Book Flowers for Algernon and the Film Sling Blade

Whether or not the mentally disabled should be integrated into our everyday society and workplace is a very controversial topic. However I stand towards the side of not including the mentally disabled in our everyday society. Examples can be taken from both the book “Flower’s for Algernon” and the movie “Slingblade”. Karl…

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An Argument in Favor of Legalizing Marijuana

Making marijuana part of your life style may sound risky but our perspective may change as we look deeper into this topic. The Cannabis plant, mostly known by, “Marijuana” is believed to have some negative effects on people and society. Nonetheless, investigations have stated that it also has some very good impacts. A few o…

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The Life of Inspiration of Malala Yousafzai

Doesn’t every 8th grader need inspiration? What about a person to inspire them? Malala Yousafzai is a 16 year old girl who changed the way people looked at education. Malala is a girl who was shot by the Taliban for believing in education. They thought the bullet would shut her up, but they were wrong. She recovered and cam…

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The Legality of Drugs in Different Countries and How That Affects the Fight Against Drugs

The black market encompasses many different crimes, but the largest by far is drug trade. Drug trade is a global problem, and has no end in sight. One very large problem with drug issues is that it’s so widespread, and underground so that it is hard to track and hard to stop. America has its war on drugs policy, but it has…

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The Society Should Not View Vigilantes as Heroes of the Community

Every day, people are both saved and killed by the self-righteous, lawbreaking heroes known as vigilantes. Vigilantes are defined as any person who takes the law into their own hands, as by avenging a crime. The most widely-known fictional vigilante is The Dark Knight, Batman (A.K.A. Bruce Wayne), the fear-inspiring bastion…

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Condoms Should Not Be Distributed in Schools as It Promotes Sexual Activity

Former DJ, author, and outspoken conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh III gives his opinion on why condoms should not be distributed in schools in his book “The Way Thing Ought To Be (1992)”. The passage is titled: “Condoms: The New Diploma”. Limbaugh attempts to persuade readers that condom distribution in school will…

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A Social Experiment to Determine the Attractiveness of Bad and Good Boys

For first impressions, are women more attracted to “bad boys” or “nice guys”? In many generations and in much social media today, it seems as though the good guys always seem to lose while the bad boys charm the lady protagonist to do their bidding. Why is that and what is the psychology behind it? Luckily, I am able to sha…

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Schools Should Consider Bullying as a Serious Matter And Needs Sincere Attention

While the connection and relationship between bullying and suicide is still being researched, I believe that Ohio should hold students and faculty legally responsible for bullying that results in suicide based on the evidence provided.  I believe that actions have consequences and if there is clear evidence that influenced…

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Race and Ethnicity: Identity of an Individual

In modern day society there are many people who will mistake race and ethnicity as the same thing. However this is incorrect, race is defined as physical differences. Several examples of this includes skin color, hair, eye color, and the size of the nose of the person. Ethnicity on the other hand is the cultural identity of…

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The Importance of Strict Inspection of Eyewitness Proof to Prevent Mistaken Identification According to Amy Douglass’ Preventing Wrongful Arrests

In “Preventing Wrongful Arrests,” Amy Douglass points out that New Jersey Supreme Court’s recommendations are helpful for improving mistaken identifications from eyewitnesses. Douglass says that it makes judges inspect eyewitness proof strictly, and courts will allow eyewitness proof only if judges give accurate guidelines…

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The Benefits of Bringing Back the Rite of Passage in Our Modern Times

From ancient civilizations, the youth of that time was not able to be labeled as an adult without undergoing a rite of passage. In some cultures this ceremony was a large festive event worth days of celebrating. I decided to compare those adults from cultures who underwent a rite of passages to kids and adults from modern d…

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The Causes and Consequences of the Growth of America from Relative Isolation to Globally Involved Superpower

At the time of the Spanish American war, the United States went from
relative isolation to increased global involvement because the United
States sought a new frontier in order to expand its economy, because the
United States needed to compete with other nations in order to survive, and
because of humanitarian…

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An Argument in Favor of Legalizing Marijuana in America

The debate of legalizing marijuana seems to be a popular subject on US college campuses. Many people in these days have a high tendency of consuming marijuana, and this group of people believes that marijuana is not a drug that can hurt them. In “Legalizing Marijuana: It’s all smoke and mirrors” published in citycollegenew…

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Bullying in Schools Should Be Made Illegal and Punishable under the Law

Jamie Rodemeyer a 14-years-old boy made videos about himself on YouTube in order to tell his story and try to help other children that are victims of bullying at school. “This is Jamie from Buffalo, New York. I’m just here to tell you that it does get better. Here is a little bit of my story. On December 2010, I thought I w…

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An Analysis of the Plight of Women in Afghanistan

“In Afghanistan, one in every three Afghan women has experienced physical, psychological, or sexual violence” This statistic was provided by Rupert Taylor in his blog titled “Women’s Rights abused in Afghanistan” in 2009. Currently, the same statistic has not radically changed, but there are important facts to take in count…

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The Numerous Barriers Faced by People with Disabilities in Their Efforts of Successfully Entering the Workforce

People with disabilities state and nationwide have been successful in gaining and maintaining meaningful and sufficient employment. Although improvements have been made in providing support for people with disabilities looking for employment, there continues to be unequal access to the workforce and meaningful employment. L…

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The Barriers Preventing People with Disabilities from Employment

People with disabilities face numerous barriers to employment. I will begin by describing a variety of the barriers to employment that people with disabilities face. Some of these barriers are based persistently ineffective and discriminatory employment practices, including a persistent negative perception and view of peopl…

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Disability and Imperfection through the Medical Model of Disability

I have learned many of the beliefs and views I have had about disability, impairments, and people with disabilities from the models of disability that persist throughout society. Before beginning this class, one particular belief I had about people with disabilities and the idea of disability and impairment as a whole was t…

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The Issues of Inequalities and New Urbanism in Brazil

Currently Brazil is grappling with a future city planning debate involving New Urbanism. While the most sustainable way of development would be to build “walkable” cities, with mixed use zoning laws and residential areas very close or sometimes intertwined with industrial and commercial facilities, many of the social elite…

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Society’s Definition of Masculinity in Being a Man by Paul Theroux

The Dark Side of Masculinity Many would argue that in modern society, women are expected to fit narrow and unreasonable roles in society. However, In Paul Theroux’s “Being a Man”, Theroux writes about the rigid expectations placed on men by society to conform to a narrow, inflexible definition of “manliness” that stifles m…

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The Millennials as Perfect Fit for the Erskine’s Definition of Greatness

Millennials: Strong, Diverse, Unremarkable In a media environment where Millennials, the generation born between 1983 and the present, are constantly being cast as either apathetic, narcissistic nobodies or as “the greatest generation in human history”, on par with the generations of the Renaissance, American Revolution, a…

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An Observation of the Black Voices Gospel Choir in the Hope of Learning How Racial Relations Affect the World

ABSTRACT With America re-electing its first black president and race issues still coming at the forefront of the media, it brings importance to my research as race relations effect the world on a global scale. What we can learn from observing the Black Voices Gospel Choir are important life skills such as the intricacy of…

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The Nature, Types and Consequences of Conflicts in the Past and Today’s World

Conflict has been a major part of the history of mankind. According to Fisher (1977), “Conflict is defined as an incompatibility of goals or values between two or more parties in a relationship, combined with attempts to control each other and antagonistic feelings toward eachother. (p.1)” Its existence paved the way to dif…

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An Overview of the Spirits of America: A Social History of Alcohol by Eric Burns

In Eric Burns, “Spirits of America: A Social History of Alcohol” he claims that drinking was the original American pastime. From alcohol to tea, Americans have been brought together by drinks in times of celebration, mourning, business, and any other occasion possible. Rum and whiskey, the drink of America’s history can be…

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