Introduction In week’s one and two we discussed the future of the workplace and how things are evolving and changing in the workplace. In the succeeding weeks the class examined how individual behavior affects the way we manage ourselves and others in the workplace. We also looked at how those behaviors we exhibited affected the effectiveness of the organization itself. This week it is your job to pull it all together and reflect on the following ideas: 1) Using the themes from the last seven weeks and the articles listed below explain how the behavior of the manager can create or defeat the accomplishment of the two major goals an employer wants from its employee’s: excellent job performance and organizational commitment. 2) When considering the future workplace , what do you see as the major challenge to an organization meeting its goals of performance and commitment? Read: Deloitte Rise of Social Enterprise the 2018 Capital Trends Revisit from week 1: What does the Future of Work Look Like? (Accenture)Working in the Office of the Future