international relations theory—realism and liberalism

Hello, I have an international relations theory—realism and liberalism class assignment needs help.

“Theory and Application” Essay:

1.       Compare John Mearsheimer’s <<The Tragedy of Great Power Politics>>  &  Robert Keohane and Joseph Nye’s <<Power and Interdependence>>.  In order to analyze the perspectives of the two main schools of international relations theory—Realism and Liberalism.  

2.        3,000-word paper

3.       The essay MUST include 2 parts:

4.       Part 1:  Sets out understanding of the basic tenets of each author’s view of international politics

5.       Part 2: Analyzes events of the current and past Russia-Ukraine conflict , check events link:, and their implications for the rest of the world as Mearsheimer and Keohane & Nye separately would. 

6.       Please DO NOT simply retells the main points of the authors or that details the events themselves—I want something that very clearly reflects your analysis and evaluation of the authors’ key points and how they could be used to frame an examination of the conflict; in other words, in this paper you effectively act as first theorist and then analyst of international relations.

7.       Reference and citation required.

Please follow the instructions carefully and finish the work before due. Thank you.