Inequalities in the Real World, assignment help

 Question :Give an example of a conjunction that is used in the real world. Then, give another example of a disjunction that is used in the real world. Explain clearly why each example is either a conjunction or a disjunction. Then describe what the graph and interval notation for each would look like.

Are conjunctions and disjunctions important in the real world? The answer is yes. Anytime you describe a value by using the word and or the wordor, you may be using a conjunction or disjunction.For example, medical tests often verify that a result falls in a normal range, meaning the result is greater than one value, but less than another. That is a conjunction.

When you join two inequalities with the word or, you form a 
disjunction . A disjunction is the union of the intervals that describe the two inequalities.

When you join two inequalities with the word and, you form a conjunction . A conjunction is the intersection of the intervals described by the two inequalities.