Importance of Children’s Literature/Young Adults 7-10 pages

Choose from the following options but requirements remain the same. 

Option 1

Using one theoretical lens that we have discussed in class, analyze how Young Adults (YA) either challenges or reinforces a specific social expectation of identity. Be sure to specify what lens you are using somewhere in your introduction and stick to that approach in your analysis. 

Lens includes: 

Moral Criticism 

Psychoanalytic Criticism 

Oedipus Complex

Feminist Criticism

Gender/Queer Studies

Critical Race Theory

Post Colonial Criticism

Marxist Criticism


Option 2

Choose a theme/topic/trope/etc. and examine its importance to children’s literature. Topics may include: tricksters, anthropomorphic animals, the forest of transformation, ambiguous endings, power dynamics, mental illness, bullying, alienation/isolation, damsels, heroes, villains, etc. 


⦁Two central novel we read in class 

  • Quotes from books

⦁One outside sources*

⦁7-10 pages, MLA format (title page, Works Cited, etc.), size 12 font, Double Spaced. 

Works Cited and title pages do not count towards page requirement!

Novels We’ve Read

⦁Perks of Being a Wallflower

⦁American Born Chinese

⦁The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian 

⦁The Giver

⦁The Hunger Games


⦁Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

⦁The Hate U Give (if you read the whole novel)

⦁Brown Girl Dreaming