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As an IT manager, you have been asked to propose a preferred planning method for the integration of mobile technology into your organization. Your organization is in one of the following industries. (If you would like to consider a different industry, please reach out to your instructor for approval.)

Restaurant managementHospital administrationWeb hosting servicesRetail distributionLocal government

Evaluate the eight planning techniques discussed in Chapter 4 of your text and any additional strategies that you have identified through research, then select the method that you recommend as the most suitable for this type of project.

Write a proposal of approximately four (4) pages in which you discuss the following points:

  • What were the criteria that you used to evaluate the benefits and costs of  the different strategic planning techniques?
  • On what basis did you choose the strategy that you proposed?
  • Give a description of the planning technique that you are proposing and delineate the steps required to employ this strategy.
  • How does the planning technique that you have proposed address the two necessary ingredients of successful strategic planning efforts? 1. Supporting an unknown future, 2. Alignment with corporate strategy.

Use bullet points, images, and tables where applicable. Please note that your recommendations will be reviewed by the members of the executive management team.

Review the Rubric to make sure that you have met all the guidelines for how your paper will be assessed.

Include a minimum of three scholarly resource in addition to your textbook to support your analysis.

Format your paper according to the West Writing Style Handbook guidelines.

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