HRM 498 Week 4 Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions

Resource: Hofstede’s framework, Exhibit 14.1, in Chapter 14 of Strategic Human Resource Management.

Write a  500-700 word summary written in the third person voice in which you discuss the following:

Explain how each of Hofstede’s cultural dimensions might result in specific kinds of HR programs and practices. Examine the four dimensions of culture presented in Hofstede’s framework. What strategies would you recommend in dealing with a different culture that is opposite on each of the dimensions? For example, what advice would you give to someone from a culture that stresses individualism when dealing with someone from a collectivist culture?

Use at least a minimum of two in-text citation sources within the summary. The sources must be identified in your APA correctly-formatted References page.

Format the summary using Microsoft® Word and consistent with APA guidelines, the University’s Academic Essay Guidelines as well as the University’s Writing and Style Guide Template for 300-499 level courses.

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