How vs what

How vs. What

Please read the three essays for this week (LeGuinn, Angelou, Orwell) and compose a discussion post that addresses the following questions:

Each of these pieces raises very powerful and quintessentially human questions; however, the content of each piece (the events described) is, at least on the surface, seemingly addressing something much more specific, even unique. In each essay, the message comes across much more clearly when we examine how it is written as opposed to what it is written about. Please compose a paragraph for each essay which explains the style of the writing and how the author uses that style to make their point. (Please don’t address content directly; only address how the author writes about the content.)

How does each author use emotion to connect with their readers?

Identify two elements of each piece that you found particularly effective in communicating a larger truth; provide examples.

Your post length should be 900 words (approximately 300 words for each question). Use MLA citations as needed. Additionally, respond substantively (300-400 words) to the posts of two peers.

these are the articles


“The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas”

By Ursula LeGuinn


By Maya Angelou

“Shooting an Elephant”

By George Orwell