“How to manage for collective creativity” Presentation (PowerPoint)

Assignment 1: 10 points

“How to manage for collective creativity” Presentation

Assignment Parameters: 

As presented by Hackman and Johnson (2013), “Flexibility is the key to organizational survival. Groups that fail to adapt (or change too slowly) are doomed to failure” (p. 246). In “How to manage for collective creativity,” professor and author Linda Hill discusses patterns of strong leaders and the concept of collective genius.

Watch Linda Hill’s Ted Talk on How to manage for collective creativityhttp://www.ted.com/talks/linda_hill_how_to_manage_for_collective_creativity/transcript?language=en

 create a 3-5 minute presentation in which you  (POWERPOINT) 

  1. Explain the three capabilities of creative organizations.
  2. Analyze how those capabilities take place in your organization and how collective creativity can be demonstrated in your chosen concentration. 
  3. Compare the idea of leadership presented by Linda Hill with the ideas of leadership discussed in Hackman & Johnson’s book. How are they similar? How do they differ?

Submit the file or link to an online presentation to be graded via the assignment dropbox.