How to Develop Team Work in Your Businesses

A View on the Expectancy Theory

The Expectancy theory implies that motivation of employees is a result of the intensity with which an individual wants to be rewarded. Secondly it depends on the evaluation that the probability that the endeavor will result in expected performance and lastly the conviction that the performance will result in the reward (Sto…

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Job Opportunities Should Come Back to Small Hometowns

In Christian Science Monitor, the article “Pitch from Hometowns to Skilled Workers: Come Home” is going large for a very important reason: jobs are needed back in our hometowns across America. While these jobs are great for the employee who enjoys the slow, laidback, hometown life, employers are having a difficult time recr…

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An Analysis of the Financial Statement of Baylor Scott and White Health

Baylor Scott and White health is a non-profit entity that operates mainly throughout Texas. After looking through the financial statements of the company, they are overall a pretty good company. The company’s current assets increased by about $500,000 as well as the company’s long-term investments and other assets in genera…

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A Marketing Report on the Evaluation of the Marketing Strategy and Business Activity of QQ Rice (QQR)

Executive Summary The aim of this marketing report is to evaluate the business activity and marketing strategy of the QQ Rice (QQR) franchise in Singapore by using the marketing tool categories of the situational analysis, marketing environment and the four marketing elements. This report will also discuss on the critical…

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A Study on Executive Function

What is Executive Function? “Executive function is a set of processes that all have to do with managing oneself and one’s resources in order to achieve a goal. It is an umbrella team for the neurologically-based skills involving mental control and self-regulation” (Cooper-Kahn & Dietze, 2017,1). These functions help you pr…

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The Reflection on the Entrepreneur Interview

Reflection Paper #2: Entrepreneur Interview Interviewing an actual entrepreneur gave me a different perspective on the term itself. And when I say “actual” entrepreneur, I don’t mean to impose an image of a business person who wears a suit and tie or a pencil skirt, blouse and pointed heels. What I mean by the term “actual…

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The Golden Rule in There’s No Such Thing as Business Ethics, a Book by John C. Maxwell

The bestseller There’s No Such Thing as “Business” Ethics written by John C. Maxwell focuses on the main idea that rather than business ethics, people should focus on just plain ethics (personal ethics). He suggest that we should be living our lives by what he refers to as the “Golden Rule”: How would I like to be treated i…

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The Importance of Communication Skills in the Managerial Position

Communication skills are essential to everybody – they are the way we give and get data and pass on our thoughts and suppositions with everyone around us It is critical to build up an assortment of abilities for both imparting TO others and figuring out how to decipher the data got FROM others. Knowing our gathering of peo…

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Tit for Tat, Autonomy, and Self-Consciousness as the Three Main Factors of People’s Behavior and Motivation

People’s behavior and motivation Tit for Tat autonomy and self-consciousness are the three main factors that can influence people’s behavior and motivation. First of all, as Robert Sapolsky explained in a lecture at Stanford University, people usually act following the “Tit for Tat” strategy. As a matter of fact, people us…

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An Analysis of Three Articles Related to Justice or Social Justice in Relation to Business or Engineering

Articles Chosen: Can Engineers Hold Public Welfare Paramount Whistle blowing Policies Codes of Ethics and Moral Education – Luegenbiehl I chose these 3 articles because they all related somewhat to a justice or social justice in some fashion to either business or engineering in general. The “Can We” article was primaril…

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Concerns With Whistleblowing

Concerns with Whistleblowing Whistle blowing is the act of bringing something that might be deemed illegal or unethical to the public, that would otherwise be private to the organization. There are several concerns when it comes to whistle blowing. One example that comes to mind is when pressure comes to the whistleblower….

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A Comparison of Luegenbeihl’s, Michelfelder’s, and Bauer’s Code of Ethics

3) Do you agree with Luegenbeihl or Michelfelder or Bauer? In the previous paper, I determined that I agreed most with the ideology that Michelfelder had about the code of ethics. In the grand scheme of the article, the article came down to one question for the reader. If the codes of ethics are supposed to protect the pub…

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Luegenbiehl’s Views on Codes of Ethics and the Moral Education of Engineers

Codes of Ethics and the Moral Education of Engineers: Luegenbiehl The first few pages of the article educates the reader on the history of the code of ethics. The first code of ethics wasn’t adopted till the year 1911 by the engineering society. At this time though, there was no unified code that was accepted as one, so fo…

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An Analysis of the Knowledge Management System of Bobco

Introduction Bobco is a small family organization that is located in New York, Jericho. It conducts the management of import send out explicitly with the members of the European Union. This group focuses on the specialist’s appointment to the customers to assist in the import procedure advancement, sourcing of the business…

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An Analysis of the Stock Report of BP

BP Stock Report The British company, BP, is an integrated oil company that belongs to the energy sector of the stock market. BP is one of the major oil companies in the market and is currently the largest producer of oil and gas in the United States. From finding oil and natural gas sources, to extraction, to transportatio…

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A SWOT Analysis and Marketing Plan of Peak Performance

In this proposal, we discuss the marketing plan of our athletic wear company Peak Performance. We begin with an explanation of how and why we have created our company the way we have, including our mission statement and objectives. The plan moves into an in-depth breakdown of our target market and how we plan to position ou…

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A Report on the Importance of a Mission Statement Within an Organization

The mission statement represents a mentally developed and challenging
situation, as well as highly desirable and comforting in the medium and
long term. It is an approximation of how the organization will evolve to
efficiently meet the changing needs and tastes of its target audience. Many
organizations are not clearly awar…

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An Overview of the Ethics of a Great Leadership

Abstract Ethics is great measure of quality leadership. When it comes to ethics, leaders are considered to be the lead on ethics in the production of a good or bad result. Ethical leadership has been reviewed severally, but sometimes it seems like an emerging issue since the problem has not been addressed in the proper wa…

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The Role of the Leadership Process and the Purpose of the Proper Leadership in the Managerial Grounds

A leader refers to an individual with managerial authority and the ability to influence others. On the other hand, leadership is the process of influencing and leading a certain group of individuals towards achieving its objectives. Leading being among the key managerial roles, managers are deemed to be leaders. This articl…

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An Analysis of the Business Environment and Recommendations for Kosmea

Kosmea is the top most Australian company that deals in natural skincare items production. Over the past 20 years, Kosmea has attained an important recognition internationally. The company has had five global markets which have helped it to transition as a “garage to global” enterprise in Australia successfully. The company…

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A Comparison and Contrast Between the Competition Strategies Between the Businesses of the 21st Century

Compare and contrast the key strategies used in the last 10 years by media and communications firms to gain a competitive edge or market dominance 21st century is the era in which competition, even though being endangered by the declining number of independent companies within specific market niches, is still a powerfu…

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Is Consumption Inescapable in the Modern World?

Is consumption inescapable in the modern world? Discuss with reference to child and teenage consumers. Firstly to answer this essay question it would be useful to discuss the definition of consumption and what is meant as the ‘modern world’. It would also be relevant to explore how we as consumers consume in today’s societ…

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The Location of Apple’s iPhone Within the Circuit of Culture at Each Stage

Choose a particular media and cultural form or practice. Explain how you might locate your chosen example within a circuit of culture, and identify the sort of issues you might raise at each point on the circuit, drawing on your knowledge of the questions, problems and approaches explored on the module during the year. In…

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How to Develop Team Work in Your Businesses

How to develop team work in your businesses Team work is the ability to work together towards the same end goal. In a business context, team work involves mutually working together towards organisational and personal goals. Basically, organizational goals involves realizing the forecasted profits. On the other hand, person…

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TransferWise: Avoiding the Hidden Charges When Transferring Money Abroad

TransferWise: How to Dodge International Money-Transfer Fees It is no secret that technology is taking over. Media is nearly 100 percent technology based, the transportation industry is being taken over by Uber, and “the mobile-app economy didn’t exist just a few short years ago but is now bigger than…

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