How far is Jupiter from the moon in miles?

483.3 million miles, nearly

The average distance of Jupiter from is 778.6 million km = 483.3 million miles.

Aphelion is maximum distance of a planet from the Sun. Perihelion is the minimum distance.

Apogee and perigee are maximum and minimum distances of Moon from . When the Moon’s distance from the Jupiter is a maximum, the Jupiter-Moon distance is utmost

the sum of the aphelions of Jupiter and the Earth and the apogee of Moon,

for the hypothetical alignment Jupiter-Sun-Earth-Moon.

For a minimum the lower limit is

Jupiter perihelion ##-## (sum of aphelion of Earth and apogee of Moon.

The hypothetical alignment will be Jupiter-Moon-Earth-Sun.

The mean of these maximum and minimum is (aphelion + perihelion )/2 of Jupiter = 483.3 million miles, nearly.