How do we motivate employees in the public sector?

Big Questions of Public Administration – Group Paper

The concept of “Big Questions” is the idea that there are important issues that impact governance in the United States.  During the quarter we have looked at a number of theoretical perspectives or “Big Questions.”  Many of them overlap in their concepts.  These have included:

2) Should we strive for democracy or efficiency?

3) How do we motivate employees in the public sector?

8) Should government be focused on the good of the individual or of the group?

In an 8-10 double-spaced page essay, prepared on a group basis (instructor will assign groups), select between 2 and 3 of the theoretical perspectives we have discussed, outline the core issues and use examples from your workplaces to answer the question.

There are some resources:

Box: Part 1 Chapter 3 Part II pp. 39-90

US Constitution


Democracy’s Road to Tyranny

Box: Part V

Role of the Public Manager and Managing people

Theories: Normative – Role of Administrative State/Public Manager, Motivation theories, Public Service Motivation

Woodrow Wilson: The Study of Administration

Politics v Administration theory

Denhardt, R. and Denhardt, J. (2000). The New Public Service: Serving Rather than    Steering. Public Administration Review, 60:6  EBSCO Business

Newbold- Constitutional role for Public Administration

Managing People

Fredrick Taylor- Scientific Management

Hawthorne Experiments

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

McGregor- Theory X and Y

Box VI

Introduction to Ethics- A great introduction from the BBC

A short perspective from Santa Clara University

ASPA Code of Ethics–

Federal Ethics web site

NASPAA Public Service Values

Cooper, T. (2004). Big Questions in Administrative Ethics. Public Administration           Review, 64:4. EBSCO/Business Source Premier

Carol W. Lewis (2006) In Pursuit of the Public Interest, Public Administration Review,        66:5, 694-701.

Sexual Harassment

CSUSB Title IX and Gender Equity

Decision Making – Dan Ariely