Homework part 3

1. 7 pages paper discusses your research on a CAM profession, including:

. Introduction o History

. Diagnostics

. Treatment Principles

. Common Conditions Treated

2. Compare 3 major western medical studies that support or repudiate the CAM profession’s claims, applying critical thinking to construct persuasive arguments.

3. Include a section on your interview and in-person observations including topics discussed, questions asked and observations made.Include a self-reflective component, discussing

. How has this experience been for you?

. How did you build a respectful relationship with the practitioner?

. What conflicts did you have to resolve?

. Did your ideas about CAM change, and how will this affect your greater community?

. What have you learned?

. What has surprised you?

. Do you have a sense of what it might be like to work in this field?

. What are you coming away with from having participated?

APA format