HIM 2111 – Assignment: Data and Information Governance Overview from AHIMA: Read about AHIMA’s – Information Governance Basics http://www.ahima.org/topics/infogovernance/igbasics?tabid=education Assignment: Listen to Linda Kloss’ presentation and answer the questions below. (59:36) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6u42fMEhVQ The first annual LaTour/Eichenwald Forum was held on June 4, 2012 to honor the retirement of distinguished St. Scholastica HIM faculty members Kathy LaTour and Shirley Eichenwald-Maki. Keynote speaker Linda Kloss, St. Scholastica graduate and former CEO of AHIMA, spoke about the impact these two professionals had on the field of HIM and looked toward the future of the industry. Please listen to her speech titled: Legacy and Leadership: CSS in the Digital Era of Health Information Management and answer the questions below for this unit’s assignment. To learn more about the speaker: http://kloss-strategicadvisors.com/about_us. 1. List and describe the three ‘eras’ that Linda Kloss discusses in her presentation. 2. If/when we get to full EHR adoption, will all our problems be solved when it comes to data, information and healthcare? Yes/No? Why/why not? 3. Explain what Enterprise Information Management (EIM) is and what it can do. 4. Explain what Information Governance (IG) is and what it can do. 5. What four challenges does Linda give to us here at the CSS/HIIM Department in her closing comments?