Hate speech in Video Games 

This final Journal is your chance to share your thoughts, opinions and further thoughts on the topics we have discussed throughout the semester in class. You should include comments about the topics we’ve covered that impacted you the most, generated the deepest thinking, stuck with you, prompted you to have discussions on the topic with others. Basically, what are your greatest take aways from class?

I’m also interested in your overall feedback on class … what did you like best/least? If you could change something, what would you change. If you could add or delete something, what would it be? How would you describe this class to friends/family. And finally, would you recommend this class to others?

Also, please include a brief review of the news outlet you chose to follow this semester. Did it keep you informed? Do you plan to continue following the outlet?

Write in a conversational tone, first person. Pay attention to spelling and grammar, this is a journalism class – both count. I am expecting 500+ words. However, you are not limited to this word count. Consider it a target/minimum.


Does Media Influence us … & society

Does race matter? Race in the media

Racial slurs: N-word

Stereotyping & Media Influence

Microaggressions & Media

Bystander Effect Bullying – in the news & media coverage

Native Americans portrayal in media

Bullying + Anti-bullying; media impact

LGBTQ in media

Hate speech in Video Games

Race in Movies

Race in TV, Portrayal of Asian Americans

Stereotypes of Women on TV & Sexualization of Women in Advertising

Arab Americans in media

MUSIC – Sexualization of Women in Rap Music

Disabilities/Stereotypes and Media