H &M expansion in UK

H&M Expansion in the UK

NameInstitution Affiliation  ABSTRACTThis article provides in-depth analysis of the Physical operational environment and personnel for H&M Company. The article comprehensively describes the environment in which the company will operate best in its expansion in the United Kingdom. Needless to say, several factors must be considered before making decisions for the company’s operations. All those factors are well outlined in this article. Moreover, the article discusses the human resource department – these entails the employees/workers of the company. How will they be like? Such questions are properly answered. It is also quite clear that a business cannot operate in isolation. It has to interact with the local community and other stakeholders in the business world. For that reason, this article will highlight the anticipated receptions from the suppliers, local governments, customers, distributors among others. 

INTRODUCTION    The H&M Company has been a front runner in the fashion industry for quite some time. The company is known for its affordable and quality products. The company is an international one. By the year 2007, the company had more than 1500 retail stores in over 27 countries. Over the years the company has sought expansion in many parts of the world (“H&M | Company Profile”, 2017).Recently, the Swedish Company has sought to take its business to the United Kingdom. Many would say that that’s a really nice place to take your fashion business. However, effective strategies have to be formulated in order to guarantee untold success for the business. Despite the UK being a hotbed of fashion and design, competition among firms is quite stiff. 

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