Grand Canyon Acc623 Module 4 Quiz (All are correct)

QuestionQuestion 14 out of 4 pointsWilson buys a lottery ticket at his local gas station. Wilson has accepted an offer for aA. bilateral contract.B.unilateral contract.C.void contract.D.unenforceable contract.Question 24 out of 4 pointsFlo tells Ginger during a phone call that she will buy her textbook from last semester for $65. Ginger agrees. These parties have            A. no contract.B. an express contract.C. an implied contract.D. a quasi contract.Question 34 out of 4 pointsIn negotiations with Coastal Distribution Company, Briggs Trucking, Inc., insists that their contract be drafted according to certain plain language laws. These laws concern the phrasing of    A. contracts.B. ads.C. product instruction manuals.D. documents of delivery.Question 44 out of 4 pointsVernon claims that his contract with Ulani is voidable. If their contract is avoided            A. both parties are released from it.B. both parties must fully perform their obligations under it.C. both parties agree to a wholly different contract.D. a wholly different contract is imposed “as if” the parties had agreed.Question 50 out of 4 pointsPeter offers to pay Quik Delivery (QD) $50 if it picks up and delivers to him a package of business documents from Rico within thirty minutes. QD can accept the offer only by meeting the deadline. If QD performs as directed, these parties will have            A. a bilateral contract.B. a trilateral contract.C. a unilateral contract.D. no contract.Question 64 out of 4 pointsJack promises to buy Lizette’s used textbook for $60. Jack is            A. an executor.B. an offeree.C. a promisee.D. a promisor.Question 74 out of 4 pointsDemi promises to buy a house from Caleb, who promises to vacate the property on June 1. If these promises are in writing, they are most likely            A. enforceable.B. unenforceable.C. void.D. voidable.Question 84 out of 4 pointsPhil agrees to work for Vacation Resorts, Inc., as a chef. In determining whether a contract has been formed, an element of prime importance is            A. the parties’ intent.B. Phil’s rate of pay.C. Phil’s education.D. the terms of Phil’s employment.Question 90 out of 4 pointsGR8 Marketing Company and Brainfreeze Tunes, Inc., sign a document that states GR8 agrees to create a marketing campaign for Brainfreeze, which agrees to pay GR8 for the service. GR8 and Brainfreeze have            A. an executed contract.B. an express contract.C. an implied contract.D. a quasi contract.Question 104 out of 4 pointsJim tells Dana that he will take her out to lunch on Thursday. Jim has made Dana a    A. prediction.B. promise.C. bilateral contract.D. void contract.